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Quality awareness in mind, continuous improvement by actions
Enretprise News   2018/11/09




Shenzhen, China - October 15, 2018 - Shenzhen Pilot Technology Co., Ltd. (PILOT) held the Quality Month launch ceremony, the general managers of marketing department and of each business units signed the Product Quality Responsibility Book under the witness of the whole company, let " The attitude of “beyond yesterday, improving quality”  passed on to every employee, let us take action!

Quality is controlled by people. Regardless of the circumstances and conditions, the human factor is the first, the person is the main body of the management machine, the person determines the quality, not the machine determines the quality. Quality is also a culture of responsibility. In fact, we all know that the quality of our products is done by every employee, not the quality inspectors! Therefore, we should improve our work quality and deepen the quality of our products to the hearts of every employee. Strictly control the quality, start from now, start from me.

Quality is in my heart, emphasizing the responsibility of people. It is a common problem for people to refuse to take personal responsibility. A responsible manager and employee should be responsible for the outcome of the matter. Numerous facts and eloquence prove that courage to recognize mistakes can not only promote the development of things, but also help solve problems. In reality, however, we seem to be less willing to admit mistakes. Because in the subconscious, admitting mistakes means failure, and admitting mistakes means accepting punishment. But that's because we didn't realize that quality means integrity and quality is a brand! A company without integrity can't stand in the fierce market competition.

The CEO Li Kexiang said in his speech that "Good product quality is our 12-year attitude, and it is also the most important cornerstone for customers to trust us."



We will adhere to the attitude of “Beyond Yesterday, Improve Qualityand pass it on to the whole society and all customers. Pilot will be passionate about quality and continue to improve and practice!

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